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As knitters, we know that yarn can make or break a knitting project. Great yarn can result in great projects. Handspun yarn can fundamentally change both the nature of the final garment, leading to stunning projects, and the experience of knitting.

We created this site because we believe the character handspun yarn brings to each knitting project is amazing. The learning curve is totally worth it. And that’s why we help you take your knitting in a new direction – one that connects you back to a tradition of fiber arts. Incredible, right?

But knitting with handspun yarn doesn’t have to feel dated. We’re committed to bringing you fresh looks for handspun yarn. Each pattern we write is tailored to the unique challenges of working with handspun and natural fibers but offers a modern feel. You’ll definitely want to add it to your closet.

So, hang out for a bit and get to know your yarn.

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About Kindred Yarn Co.

Kindred Yarn Co. was created out of a long-standing 4-H Fiber Project that became a life-long shared hobby between mother and daughter. We have a small herd of Angora fiber goats and a pair of watchful llamas located in Terrebonne, Oregon. We offer a range of fiber products including: raw fleece, dyed locks, professionally processed roving, handspun yarns, and Angora goats.

About Us

We are a mother-daughter duo whose love of fiber and knitting has been passed down through the generations.

Contact Us

Want to know more about raising fiber animals or working with handspun yarns? Interested in placing a custom order?



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