Travel Knitting: Make a Knit Kit + Printable Checklist

Vacation is prime time for knitting. When I find myself the passenger on a road trip, it’s the chance to tackle a project (maybe not complete it) but get into the thick of it before returning back to the real world. Amid the changing scenery, a knitting project brings peaceful stillness and purposeful relaxation to the quiet times on a trip.

Swatch ahead of time
Swatch to check gauge before the trip.

To gear up for summer road trip knitting (passengers only people), I’ve written a guide for planning a project that works well on your trip. This post will be especially helpful for my fellow planners out there. Read on to learn how to make a knit kit and for a free printable for planning and packing your project.

Plan First, Knit Second

When planning to take your knitting on a road trip, it helps to have a plan. No one likes to be caught in the middle of nowhere without the right needle size or find yourself unsure where the next skein is buried in your luggage at a rest stop! Here are some things to consider as you plan for your trip:

Pick the Perfect Pattern

Complexity – Pick a project that is complex enough to keep things interesting without being so complicated that interruptions might mess things up.

Size – Select a project that’s small and manageable but that will take long enough to work up for the duration of the trip. As much as I might want to get started on a chunky throw, I try to squelch the urge to stuff that into my backpack. Socks, mittens, hats, and cowls make great travel projects.


Durability – Can your yarn choice tolerate a little wear and tear, even dust or snack crumbs? It’s probably best to leave the cream, alpaca lace weight at home and sport something more durable for the road.

Amount – Obviously, you’ll want to have an extra skein on hand to continue your project. But, you’ll want to make sure that your suitcase doesn’t need to account for 6 skeins, either. Or maybe it should . . . 6 skeins might actually be a great start to a vacation -depending upon your priorities. Test your gauge before the trip and ensure that you have all the yarn you’ll need. [Insert photo: durable yarn]

Tools & Notions

Tools – What tools will your project require? Will it be efficient to carry those with you?  Consider whether you would rather improvise along the way or pack small supplies ahead of time.

Notions – When it comes to finishing up your project, having the correct notions on hand can make all the difference. The elation of finishing a project gets deflated pretty fast by tucking an unseamed item into your luggage to be finished the weekend after you return. Supply yourself with the needed notions to wrap up your project and you’ll be able to Instagram your finished project with vacation views.

Create a Travel Knit Kit

knit kit

One great way to ensure that you’ve got all you need for your project is to create a travel knit kit. Using a small travel makeup case, fill it with a few essential tools for an average knitting project. 

Ideas for a Well-Equipped Knit Kit:

  • knitting needle gauge
  • small scissors
  • measuring tape
  • row counter
  • pen, pencil, highlighter
  • sticky note pad
  • cable needles in at least 2 sizes
  • stitch holder
  • darning needles in a few sizes
  • blocking pins
  • stitch markers
  • knitting needle tip covers
  • crochet hook
  • double pointed needles
  • notions for project

I’ve become so accustomed to my knit kit that I use it around the house as an easy way to corral my most essential tools and notions. If I have the knit kit nearby, I know I’m good to go. Select whatever supplies are most helpful for you or are appropriate for your project. This list is simply a starting point covering a few basics you might not want to forget. As you compile your supplies just be sure to not over pack!

Plan & Pack PRintable


To help you plan, I’ve created a printable knitting packing list. With space to help you both plan your project and create a packing list, this little printable is super helpful. Plus, I’ve included a space for jotting down info for yarn shops that may be waiting for you at your destination. Download it here. 

knit in the car

Want more ideas? Check out our Pintrest board Road Trip Knitting for more ideas, tips, and picks for travel knitting.  Knit forever, wherever.

Reader question

Where do you take your knitting? Do you have any tricks for keeping things organized while traveling?

Leave your answer in the comments!

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